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EnerSolution provides complete Energy Saving Solutions for residential and commercial properties, utility companies, provincial and Government agencies and corporations 
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EnerSolution Inc. offers Energy Assessments across the country through the EnerGuide for Houses and Energy Star Programs.

Whether you are a home owner, home buyer, or a home builder, our Natural Resources Canada trained and licensed Home Energy Advisors,

we can provide you with an EnerGuide Rating or ENERGY STAR® on the home and valuable information on how to make it more energy efficient.

All our Energy Advisors are trained to follow the standards of Natural Resources Canada and are up to date with the most recent energy saving technologies and techniques. They will look at all the energy related components of the home and use the most current Building Science to make sure their recommendations improve the efficiency, comfort and performance of the home.

For Homeowners:

Our energy assessment will determine the major areas of energy use and waste and make suggestions on what steps to take that could save you hundreds of dollars annually in utilities and do your part in protecting the environment. Our EnerGuide Energy Efficiency Evaluation Report will include:

  •   - Your home’s rating and an explanation of the rating system

  •   - A breakdown of the amount of energy your home will use for space heating, lighting and appliances

  •   - Your home’s estimated annual energy usage for electricity, gas or oil

  •   - Recommendations for improving your home’s EnerGuide rating and the efficiency of the home

For Builders:

The EnerGuide rating determines how energy-efficient a home is, using a scale that ranges from 0 to 100. With new homes we can examine the plans and provide valuable information on how to build an energy efficient, comfortable, and long lasting home. We can also certify your homes as ENERGY STAR® to help you appeal to buyers with an internationally recognized brand.

Incentives and Grants:

We can also help you apply for available incentives from your Province or local gas and electrical utilities. Contact us to see what services and programs are available in your area and see if you could qualify for money to improve your home, or build a more efficient one.

*EnerGuide is an Official Mark of Natural Resources Canada

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