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Enbridge Smart Saving Programs

Get up to $5,000 to improve your home’s energy efficiency

It’s easy to invest in comfort

The benefits add up

  • Lower your energy bills.

  • Make every room more comfortable.

  • Increase your home’s resale value.

  • Reduce wear-and-tear on your heating system


The Home Efficiency Rebate can help lower your energy costs and make it more comfortable year-round. Get up to $5,000 in rebates for insulation, air sealing, new windows/doors, water heaters, boilers, furnaces and home energy assessments.

Before you start any renovation work, you must complete a home energy assessment. A registered energy advisor will look at how your home uses energy and tell you which upgrades will help you save—and how they work together. If you complete at least two of the recommended upgrades, you’ll get money back

How the program works?

01- Schedule a home energy assessment

Before starting any work, you must first complete a home energy assessment with a registered energy advisor. CLICK HERE

03- Complete at least two eligible upgrades

For each additional upgrade you install, you'll get additional bonus incentives up to $750. To qualify for the furnace rebate, you must complete three upgrades.

02- Get a custom report with recommended upgrades

After your home energy assessment, your registered energy advisor will provide a report with a list of recommended upgrades to help lower your natural gas bill and make your home comfortable.

04- Schedule a follow-up energy assessment

You must complete a final home energy assessment to qualify for rebates. The follow-up visit must take place within 120 days of your first visit.

05- Receive your rebate cheque within 12 weeks

Enbridge also reimburse you $550 for your energy assessments. This will be included in your final cheque.

Get your rebate when you install at least two Upgrades

  • Exterior wall insulationGet up to $3,000 back
  • Basement insulation: Get up to $1,250 back
  • Attic insulation: Get up to $650 back
  • Boiler: Get $1,000 back
  • Water heater: Get $400 back
  • Window/door/skylight: Get $40 back for each
  • Air sealing: Get up to $150 back
  • Furnace: Get $250 back*
*Replace your furnace with a high-efficiency furnace-requires a total of three upgrades as of Jan 1st, 2020

Ready to get started?

Before you start any work, contact us to complete your home energy assessment. You’ll be reimbursed $550 for this cost by Enbridge.

Or call us @ 1 (800) 203 - 4395

To Visit Enbridge Smart Saving Program website, Click Here
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