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Efficiency Manitoba

The BC Step Code program is a new provincial standard that recognizes new construction that goes above and beyond the requirements of the BC Building Code.

Efficiency Manitoba is a Crown corporation committed to achieving significant annual energy savings targets by offering cost‑effective programs and services to Manitobans. Efficiency Manitoba legislated mandate is to develop and support energy efficiency initiatives that will reduce provincial consumption of electricity by 1.5% and natural gas by 0.75% annually. In the process of reducing provincial consumption of natural gas, we enable significant greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Efficiency Manitoba is currently implementing their first three-year (2020-23) plan for energy efficiency in Manitoba. As EnerSolution is registered organization with Efficiency Manitoba so we’re excited to offer programs and initiatives contributing to meeting Manitobans’ needs for energy while helping reduce the impact of energy rate increases.



  • Achieving excellence in our programs and services 

  • Building and sustaining meaningful partnerships with a customer focus 

  • Creating a solid foundation to build a successful organization 

  • Transforming attitudes towards energy efficiency.

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