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Home Energy Retrofit Accelerator (HERA)

City Of Edmonton Home Energy Rebate

Our homes consume nearly 20% of the energy used in Edmonton and produce 20% of the greenhouse gas emissions. Check the City of Edmonton programs below to see how you can help change your home for climate while taking advantage of available rebates/incentives.



What is Edmonton's Home Energy Retrofit Accelerator (HERA) program?

Edmonton’s Home Energy Retrofit Accelerator is a program that helps you understand your home’s energy efficiency and provides rebates for upgrades. Insulation, windows, water and space heating equipment are all eligible for rebates with bonuses available for bigger renovations.

To start the process, an expert comes to your home and provides an EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation. You will receive professional advice from your energy advisor on how to renovate your home to be more energy efficient.

Rebates are available to help cover the costs of an EnerGuide label and subsequent upgrades to your home. Once home upgrades have been completed, you can have your EnerGuide label updated to reflect your renovated home.


How the program works?

Step 1- Complete your EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation

Step 2- Enroll with your EnerGuide Label

Step 3- Upgrade Your Home

Step 4- Apply for Your Rebate(s)

Step 5- See How You Did

To Visit Home Energy Retrofit Accelerator Program website, Click Here

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