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CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate Program

The CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate Programs, administered by BC Hydro, FortisBC and the Province of BC, provides rebates for improving your home’s energy efficiency through select upgrades.

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Space Heating Rebates & Offers
  • Ductless Heat Pump – up to $3,000
  • Central Heat Pump – up to $3,000
  • Dual Fuel Central Heat Pump – $3,000
  • Combination Space and Water Heat Pump – up to $4,300
  • Air-to-Water Heat Pump – $3,000
  • Low-Interest Financing Program for Heat Pumps – up to $40,000 loan
  • Heat Pump Group Purchase Rebate – up to $500 additional
  • Electrical Service Upgrade – $500
  • Natural Gas Furnace – up to $1,000
  • Natural Gas Boiler or Combination Heating and Hot Water System – up to $1,200
  • Natural Gas Fireplace – $300 per fireplace
Water Heating Rebates
  • Electric Heat Pump Water Heater – $1,000
  • Natural Gas Water Heater – up to $1,000
Building Envelope Rebates
  • Insulation – up to $5,500
  • Windows and Doors – up to $100 per window or door
Bonus and Special Offers
  • Select municipalities have Municipal Offers that can be accessed in addition to individual rebate.

  • Two Upgrade Bonus – receive a $300 rebate for installing two eligible upgrades. The second bonus-eligible upgrade must be installed within 18 months of the first bonus-eligible upgrade. The Two Upgrade Bonus can be accessed in addition to Individual Upgrades rebates. Does not require an EnerGuide home evaluation.

  • Note: a maximum of one primary heating system and one primary water heater can be counted towards the Two Upgrade Bonus.

To Visit Program website, Click Here

The following offers require both a pre- and post-upgrade EnerGuide home evaluation

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